Potting Demonstration

Potting Demonstration

With warming temperatures, betway旗舰版下载中的许多人开始考虑把凉爽季节的一年生花卉换成能够抵御夏季炎热的植物.


Potting demonstration

Potting demonstration

The 锅 were then to be raffled off.


Potting demonstration



There were to be two different potting demonstrations.  I created one succulent pot ahead of time…  


This container has pink-花ing Crown of Thorns, tall Lady’s Slipper, Variegated Elephant’s Food and a gray-colored cactus.

我喜欢创建容器种植与一个高的植物垂直兴趣.  The Crown of Thorns provides striking floral color.  大象的食物会随着它的生长而拖过罐子的边缘, which adds texture and softens the container’s lines.

Lastly, the gray-colored cactus (I admit that I don’t know what kind it is), adds great color contrast with its gray/blue color.

Soon, it was time for the first demonstration.  My daughter took photos of me talking.  光线很糟糕,因为我在阴影下,我的背后是太阳, but you can still see what I was doing.

Looking down at my notes.  Can you tell  I use my hands when I talk?

Looking down at my notes.  Can you tell  I use my hands when I talk?

Planting the orange Calendula

Planting the orange Calendula.





对于这个容器,高垂直的兴趣来自墨西哥羽毛草.  The bright color is from the Calendula.  蔓生植物是紫色马鞭草和灰色薰衣草提供了颜色对比.

I used Celosia to fill in the empty spaces.  I was pretty happy with how it turned out.

在计划什么植物组合在容器中看起来更好时, I simply arrange the 植物s, while they are still in their 容器 at the nursery.

succulent pot.

Now it was time for 植物ing the second succulent pot.

First, adding the Elephant's Food.

First, adding the Elephant’s Food.

Ever wonder how to 植物 a cactus without getting pricked?

Golden Barrel Cactus

一条旧毛巾,折成四分之一(4层厚),效果很好.  当我把它翻过来种植时,我用毛巾盖住了金桶仙人掌的顶部.  The towel came off easily once I was finished.

Newspaper is also helpful in 植物ing cactus.

Almost done

Almost done…

 Blue Elf Aloe


蓝精灵芦荟为这种种植组合提供了高度.  Elephant’s Food will 成长 to trail over the side.  金桶仙人掌的圆形和黄色的刺增加了颜色的对比.  开着鲜艳红色花朵的冰植物增添了必要的色彩.

Potting Demonstration


Do you like 成长ing 植物s in 容器?

Or maybe, you haven’t tried before.

Well, it’s not difficult. 过几天再来看我,我会和你分享我的 container guidelines.

诺艾尔 Johnson, 又名, 'AZ Plant Lady' is a horticulturist, certified arborist, 景观顾问,帮助人们学习如何创造, 成长, 并保持美丽的沙漠花园在炎热的天气中茁壮成长, dry climate. She does this through her consulting services, her online class Desert Gardening 101, and her monthly membership club, Through the Garden Gate. 正如她喜欢告诉沙漠居民的,“在沙漠里做园艺并不难,但它是不同的。."
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  1. lindseyann
    lindseyann 说:

    These are beautiful! I really love the combination of 植物s. Do you mind sharing where you purchased the 锅? Thank you for sharing! ~林赛

  2. arizona植物夫人@gmail.com
    arizona植物夫人@gmail.com 说:

    Hi Lindsey,


    我在家得宝(betway苹果下载 Depot)找到了一些漂亮的琉璃花盆(看看苗圃区和室内植物区).

    There are some places around town that sell pottery.


  3. Lucy Corrander at Loose and Leafy
    Lucy Corrander at Loose and Leafy 说:

    我想我也许能够做出一个今天看起来不错的花盆,但我无法确定这些植物是否能在一起快乐地生长超过一个星期. 如果有人比其他人先死,结果可能会很糟糕, or stopped 花ing and disturbed the balance.

  4. 妮可
    妮可 说:

    I love those 容器 you did. 我现在正在研究集装箱组合——主要是像美人蕉这样的热带食品, 巴豆, 锦紫苏, sweet potato vines etc, but you have inspired me to try some succulent ones.

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