A Harvest from Two Gardens…



One was from one of my vegetable gardens…

Harvesting produce

Harvesting produce

About a 1/4 of my side vegetable garden is planted with cauliflower.

Over the weekend, I was able to harvest my first cauliflower of the season.  

Harvesting produce

Now, I am aware that some of you may not care for cauliflower.  Personally, I like it raw but NOT when it is cooked.


Harvesting produce

我把小花的顶部切掉,切成丁,然后撒在betway旗舰版下载的晚餐沙拉上.  It looks like grated cheese.  I also slice carrots, celery and cucumbers to add to our salads, 这不仅增加了沙拉的味道-他们也是一个很好的方式让更多的蔬菜进入我的孩子😉

The cauliflower was so delicious – it tasted like butter – seriously.

The next harvest was of another kind and from a different garden…    

grapefruit tree

On the family farm, my mother has a large grapefruit tree.

Now, 任何有过葡萄柚树的人都可以告诉你——这些树结出的果实太多了.  

grapefruit harvesting



*虽然所有的葡萄柚看起来都熟了,但有些还没有完全可以采摘.  如果它们在轻轻拉扯/扭曲时不容易脱落,那么betway旗舰版下载就不去管它们.

如果我要对你完全诚实的话,我不喜欢吃葡萄柚 at all.

But, 我对我新摘的葡萄柚还有另外一个目的——我要用醋把它做成一种天然的清洁剂.

I promise to blog about it soon, 所以,保留一些你多余的葡萄柚,或者从你邻居的葡萄柚树上摘一些🙂

Noelle Johnson, aka, 'AZ Plant Lady' is a author, horticulturist, and landscape consultant who helps people learn how to create, grow, and maintain beautiful desert gardens that thrive in a hot, dry climate. She does this through her consulting services, her online class Desert Gardening 101, and her monthly membership club, Through the Garden Gate. 正如她喜欢告诉沙漠居民的那样,“在沙漠里种花并不难,但它是不同的."
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  1. Meghan
    Meghan says:

    如果你想再给煮熟的花椰菜一次机会,试着烤它. It brings out a sweetness, and the texture is great (not mushy). 我将小花放入橄榄油、盐和胡椒粉中,以450度的温度搅拌大约20分钟,或者直到它变软变黄. Then you can use any flavors you want to jazz it up. I often make a tahini sauce, or it's also good with a squeeze of lemon, smoked paprika, or even curry. I think it would make most cauliflower-adverse people think twice.

  2. the Sweetest Memory
    the Sweetest Memory says:

    Lovely cauliflower! I always grow broccoli, among many other things but never cauliflower. 我刚刚收获了这个季节的第一个西兰花,采摘和食用它是如此有趣! I think I will have to give cauliflower a try next year. Thanks for sharing! Kari

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