What To Do With 南瓜 Once The Holidays Are Over

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南瓜 play a large part in our fall holiday celebrations. I remember trips to the pumpkin patch when my kids were younger and watching them choose just the ‘right’ pumpkin for our family.


几周后, pumpkins take center stage on 万圣节 as their artfully carved faces add a festive element to costumed trick-or-treaters.

But, what do you do with them once the holiday is over? 而不是 of throwing them in the trash can, what if you could find new uses for your pumpkin?

Whether your pumpkin has been carved or left whole, I’ve shared 9 ways to reuse them in the garden and in the home, 在我的最新文章 Houzz. 希望大家喜欢!


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