DIY: Create Natural Air Fresheners From the Garden

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Create Natural Air Fresheners From the Garden

Have you ever sprayed air-freshener in your betway苹果下载? Does it ever smell like the 香味 described on the can?

I must confess that I have used air-fresheners in the past, but I’ve never happy with how my house smelled afterward. 对我来说, the 香味 is so ‘artificial’, 和 I also wonder if there are some ingredients in them that maybe aren’t good to inhale.

So, I was intrigued when I heard about ‘natural’ air fresheners made from 植物s – many of which I have in my garden.

Create Natural Air Fresheners From the Garden

Imagine your betway苹果下载 filled with the natural 香味 of citrus paired with your favorite herbs drifting throughout – no overpowering, artificial 香味, 只是微妙的, 清新的气味.  

The combinations are endless, 和 the 香味 is released into the air by adding the contents 和 enough water to fill a small pot at least 1/2 – 3/4 full. Heat to boiling 和 then turn the heat down to low 和一个llow it to simmer for a couple of hours. 就是这样!

So are you as excited about creating your own ‘natural’ air fresheners as I am? 

Let’s get started with some ingredients that you can use for your unique fragrant combination(s):

Create Natural Air Fresheners From the Garden

All types of citrus are refreshing 和 can serve as the base of your air freshener.  我选择了 柠檬, 橙子酸橙.  But, if you have a grapefruit tree that is overly generous with its fruit, they would work well too!

Now let’s grab some herbs from the garden or the grocery store).

Create Natural Air Fresheners from 罗勒


Create Natural Air Fresheners from 百里香


Create Natural Air Fresheners from 薄荷


迷迭香 和 薰衣草 would also work great, but I don’t have any 成长ing in my garden.

我也使用 香草精花椒 在我的混合物.

Here are a few that I made.

Create Natural Air Fresheners

I love cooking (和 eating) Italian food – even though I have no Italian ancestry that I know of.  

我使用 1枝罗勒, 1 teaspoon of black 花椒 和一个 few slices of lemon – it makes my betway苹果下载 smell fresh as I imagine an Italian kitchen would smell like.

I add these ingredients to jars 和 fill them with water to the top. For this project, 我使用 球梅森罐.

Create Natural Air Fresheners

I think it looks pretty, don’t you?

当然, if you are going to use use them right away, skip the jar 和一个dd directly to a small pot.  Pour more water until it reaches 3/4 full, 热到沸腾, lower the heat to low 和 enjoy for a few hours – KEEP an eye on the water level 和一个dd more as needed – DON’T let it dry out.

Here is another combination that I like.

Create Natural Air Fresheners

几片 石灰, 4 – 5 sprigs of 百里香的小枝 薄荷 一茶匙 香草精.

You can make one air freshener at a time, or create a few 和 store them in the 冰箱 for a week. You can freeze them for longer until ready to use – just make sure to freeze them in a freezer-safe container such as a wide-mouth jar.

Lastly, this is my favorite combination, 和 only has two ingredients.

橙色s 和 香草精

橙色s 和 香草精.

橙色s 和 香草精

我切了一半 橙色 和一个dded 1 teaspoon of 香草精.

The 香味 reminds me of 橙色 cream – YUM!

You can also add cinnamon sticks or a few 整个丁香 to this mixture for a more spicy 香味.


If you have ever stepped into a 威廉姆斯 & 索诺玛 store, they have their own natural air freshener recipe:



1 teaspoon of 香草精

In addition to the ingredients I’ve used, here are some others that you can experiment with to create your own unique natural air freshener.

柑橘类 or apple peels, 杏仁, 椰子, or pepper薄荷 extract along with herbs like ginger, 肉豆蔻, 地面肉桂, 整个丁香, 月桂叶, 罗勒, 圣人, 薰衣草, 牛至, 和迷迭香.

Create Natural Air Fresheners From the Garden

So if you want to add a little freshness to your betway苹果下载, don’t waste your time spraying artificial 香味 through your betway苹果下载. You can create wonderful combinations of 气味 using items from your garden, 冰箱, 和储藏室.

I hope you enjoy making these natural air fresheners as much as I do!

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    i usually cut up an 橙色 squeeze contents throw everything into a medium pot of water add a couple cloves 和一个 splash of 香草 和 boil it up after any fish is cooked in the house or its to cold to deep fry outside.
    每一次工作. Even works if something is burnt in the kitchen too

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