Have you ever seen the beauty of cactuses showcased in containers? Adding a cactus to a container helps to set it apart from the rest of the landscape and helps it to stand out so that its unique texture and shape really stand out. 然而, if the thought of having to 植物 a prickly cactus yourself has given you second thoughts about doing it yourself, 这并不像看起来那么难. Let’s take a closer look at how to 植物 a cactus in a pot.


I have 植物ed my share of cactus over my career (usually) without getting stabbed with the spines. My method of choice is to use an old towel to cover the cactus while I removing it from a pot and 植物ing it. 然而,在一次旅行中 B&B仙人掌农场 在图森,我能观察到一位工作中的专家.



Whenever I find myself in Tucson, I always try to find time to visit B&B仙人掌托儿所. They have a large selection cacti, including my favorites – 火炬仙人掌 (Trichocereus混合动力车).  而它们在不开花的时候却相当谦逊, they transform win spring when their large blossoms open.



我第一次去B&B仙人掌农场 was several years ago and I had the intention of buying one 火炬仙人掌. 然而, 就像我和植物经常发生的那样, 我带了两个回家, 包括这个令人惊叹的“第一光”火炬仙人掌.


On my second visit, I bought a new 火炬仙人掌混合 and a colorful blue container to 植物 it in. 

正常情况下, 我自己种仙人掌, but a conversation with one of the 仙人掌专家s at the nursery changed my mind.


Damon was busy potting cactus at a table with a large pile of 多汁的盆栽组合 behind him. I struck up a conversation with him and found that he had an interesting story that had him ending up at a cactus nursery in 亚利桑那州. He worked in the banking industry and moved to 亚利桑那州 from Oklahoma a year ago, 并开始在当地一家银行工作. After awhile, he decided that being a banker wasn’t for him and found happiness working with cactus. 正如他所说的, “People are always stressed about money when they visit the bank, 但是每个来托儿所的人都很高兴, 因为植物让人微笑.”

We had a great time talking and I decided to have him pot my cactus, 哪一种更容易把它运回家. When I explained that I had a gardening website and wanted to take a video of him potting the cactus, 他欣然同意并提供了帮助 很多有用的建议.

So here is a banker turned 仙人掌专家, showing you how to 植物 cactus in a pot: 

希望你喜欢达蒙的建议. 更多有用视频,请订阅我的 YouTube频道

诺艾尔约翰逊, 又名, “AZ植物女士”是一名园艺师, 认证树艺家, and landscape consultant who helps people learn how to create, 成长, and maintain beautiful 沙漠花园s that thrive in a hot, 干燥的气候. 她是通过她来做这件事的 咨询服务她的在线课程 101年betway苹果下载和她每月的会员俱乐部, 穿过花园门. As she likes to tell desert-dwellers, "Gardening in the desert isn't hard, but it is different."
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  1. 桑迪史密斯
    桑迪史密斯 说:

    优秀的视频! 让我想去图森一趟 & 买个仙人掌😉真的, I didn’t know that cacti (cactuses) in pots need to be watered so frequently in the summer. 谢谢您的通知. 我现在就出去.

  2. arizona植物夫人@gmail.com
    arizona植物夫人@gmail.com 说:


    我很高兴你喜欢这个视频. For this type of cactus, we water it weekly in summer and every 10 days in spring/fall. 在一天的部分时间使用一些浅色的阴影是值得赞赏的.