如果你住在美国西部或西南部地区.S. 你的答案很可能是“不”.

Fall Foliage 几年前,betway旗舰版下载去弗吉尼亚州的威廉斯堡玩得很开心.


Have you ever traveled somewhere else to find colorful fall foliage ?


Believe it or not, there are several plants that can offer some fall color for those of us who yearn for signs of autumn in the desert garden.

I shared 6 of my favorite plants for fall color in an article I wrote for Houzz.


6 Plants for Colorful Fall Foliage in the Water-Wise Western Garden



Drive By Landscapes: Winter Beauty in the Southwest Garden

plant sales

If I had to pick the busiest month of the year, it would be November.

生活充满了孩子们的学校活动, plant sales, speaking engagements, and a lot of WORK helping people update their outdoor spaces. But, is also a time where my garden is reveling in the cooler temperatures of fall and I start to make some tweaks to it. I love the quote, “That a garden is never finished” and that is certainly true of mine, hence the little green flags indicating new plants that need irrigation run to them.

local plant sales

Earlier this month, I was a special guest expert at a local plant sales that raises money for community services. I enjoyed coming up with creative combinations for those who were shopping and answering their questions about the best exposure for the different plants offered for sale.


A few days later, it was all about creative container gardening as I spoke to a group of interested gardeners at a local branch of the Phoenix Public Library. 我喜欢和大家谈论园艺, there is always a little fear before it begins when you stare at a sea of empty seats and pray that they will be at least half filled by the time it starts. I must say that I was thrilled when they had to bring in extra chairs for my talk. Yeah!


Fall is my favorite time of year in the garden when the summer bloomers are still producing colorful flowers and my cool-season plants are beginning to show off as well. 

你知道我还喜欢十一月的什么吗? 这意味着圣诞节就要到了! I wonder how early I can get away with putting up Christmas decorations?

November Blooms

Fall in the garden is a time of celebration with plants enjoying the period after the heat of summer has bid goodbye and before the cold of winter arrives. 

This time of year is filled colorful blooming plants decorating our outdoor spaces.  In the past few weeks, the color purple has made its presence known in several gardens that I have visited recently.

If you love the color purple, here are some plants that you may want to include in your garden.


Black dalea(Dalea frutescens) saves its flowering for fall when violet flowers appear above its lacy foliage.

这种来自美国西南部的动物能承受华氏15度的高温. and does best in full sun.  Black dalea is underused in the landscape and deserves to be used more.


Desert ruellia(Ruellia peninsularis) 是一种灌木,我经常使用它为我的客户的设计.  I love that it flowers throughout the year as well as its attractive foliage.

A native of Mexico, this shrub does best in full sun to partial shade and is hardy to zone 9 gardens.


Sometimes, parking lot medians can put on a spectacular show.  This blue ranger(Leucophyllum zygophyllum) begins blooming in summer but saves its best flowering for fall.

灰色的树叶给花园增添了漂亮的色彩对比.  Hardy to 10 degrees, plant in full or reflected sun for maximum flowering.

skyflower(Duranta erecta)

其中最美丽的紫色花朵属于 skyflower(Duranta erecta) shrub.  Delicate purple flowers are arrayed on graceful arching stems.



Last week, while I was doing a landscape consultation, my attention was drawn to a beautiful blue potato bush (Lycianthies rantonnetti) blooming in the front yard.

vibrant purple flowers

The vibrant purple flowers contrasted beautifully with the bright green foliage. 这种灌木在9个花园中是耐寒的.

蒙特维马缨丹(lantana montevidensis)

最后,让betway旗舰版下载看看慷慨的花朵 purple trailing lantana(Lantana montevidensis).  This lantana groundcover blooms spring through fall and needs very little care other than pruning once or twice a year.

Hardy to 20 degrees, this lantana grows in full sun or partial shade.

I hope that you have enjoyed this tour of purple autumn blooms.


Blooms in February

Every year, without fail, my thoughts tend to stray away from the garden and begin to focus on the upcoming holidays.

I start to think about out how many people we will be hosting for our annual Thanksgiving feast along with a host of other things…

Will I be roasting a whole turkey or try to get away with just cooking turkey breasts like we did last year?

Can I ask my oldest daughter into making the trip to Costco and braving the line for their famous pumpkin pie?

Is my mother-in-law up to making her famous stuffing this year or will my sister-in-law be able to help her?

Of course, there are quite a few other Thanksgiving matters on my mind, 但我就不说更多细节了😉

Every year when these questions are foremost in my mind and rather far away from my garden, is when my Cascalote tree begins to undergo a beautiful transformation.  Although it is a nice-looking tree throughout the entire year – it gets all dressed up for fall and winter when yellow flowers cover the entire tree canopy.

Cascalote tree

I bought my Cascalote tree when I was a horticulture student in college.  We took a field trip to the Boyce Thompson Arboretum where they were having a plant sale.

I came back with a 5-gallon Cascalote that I first planted in a large container because we were still in the process of building our house.


That was over 14 years ago and it has grown into a beautiful tree.

You can read more about this uniquely Southwestern tree and why you may want to plant one in your own garden in my latest article for Houzz…


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Happy Thanksgiving Treat…

My favorite season is fall.  你可能会问,我喜欢秋天的什么?


Autumn color in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina

Autumn color in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina


Fall foliage begins to make it's appearance in Williamsburg, VA

Fall foliage begins to make it’s appearance in Williamsburg, VA.

I have never lived anywhere that had lots of trees turn color.


我非常喜欢参观有可爱的秋叶的地方, 但我不把秋天和树叶的颜色betway旗舰版下载起来.

My favorite season

Fall signifies for me, the beginning of holidays AND cooler weather after a hot summer.

This year, we are hosting the entire family’s Halloween celebration at our house because we have the best neighborhood for trick-or-treating.

I have been hand-making some new Halloween decorations – some of which have turned out pretty good.

Monday, my mother is coming out and we are going to try making paper-mache pumpkins.

我不知道他们会变成什么样。.but it will be fun to try.  我保证我会分享betway旗舰版下载的结果🙂

Blooming Flowers

我沙漠里盛开的柳树 (Chilopsis linearis), is beginning to slow down.  树叶将在12月落下.  不过,还剩下几朵可爱的粉红色花.

Blooming Flowers

Also, the recent monsoon storms have caused my ‘Rio Bravo’ sage, (Leucophyllum langmaniae), to burst out in flower.

Blooming Flowers

Beautiful, 紫红色的苞片包围着小的, 我的九重葛灌木上开着奶油色的花.

Blooming Flowers

I also love the multi-colored blooms of my lantana ‘Patriot Desert Sunset.“冬天它们很快就会停止开花.

 red bird-of-paradise

我的红色天堂鸟鲜艳的颜色, (Caesalpinia pulcherrima) 为我的花园增添充满活力的色彩,为蜂鸟增添花蜜.  

In another month, 这些花中有许多将不再开花, but until then, I’ll enjoy the view.



In the Desert Southwest, we are blessed with two different blooming seasons – spring and again in fall.  

While two bloom seasons is generally one more than many regions experience, roses don’t enjoy the heat of summer and go into summer dormancy.  That means that they just exist and don’t grow or bloom significantly. 它们的叶子可能会有晒伤的迹象.

Fall Rose, 'Medallion'

 Fall Rose, ‘Medallion’

However, once September arrives and the days begin to grow shorter and temperatures begin to cool, 是时候修剪一下你的玫瑰花丛了, 哪些将刺激新的增长. 

Begin by pruning back 1/4 of the top growth, removing sunburned foliage and any flowers present.  

As always, prune back to an outward facing bud at an angle of 45 degrees.  Seal any pruning cuts larger than the diameter of a pencil with Elmer’s glue to prevent borers.

Fall is also time to fertilize roses in preparation for their fall bloom season.  施用为玫瑰配制的有机肥料.  之后,一定要在井里浇水.

'Abraham Darby'

 ‘Abraham Darby’

**对于那些想要多走一步的人, I would recommend soil amendments such as compost and manure in addition to rose fertilizer, 哪个会导致更大的增长, 郁郁葱葱的叶子和开花的长期.  

To do this, first make 4 – 5, six-inch deep holes around each rose, placing them at least 1 ft. 从中间(我用扫帚柄的末端来做这个).  Then apply a mixture of aged steer manure and alfalfa pellets (rabbit food) and pour into each hole.  Water in well.  

The aged manure improves the soil structure and slowly releases nutrients.  The alfalfa pellets release a type of alcohol as they break down that roses just love.

By lightly pruning and fertilizing in early fall, you’ll enjoy a fall filled with beautiful roses.