随着夏天开始慢慢消退,热量开始消散, the Southwestern garden comes alive.


Plants perk up in the absence of 100+ degree temperatures and people begin to venture outdoors  (without their hats!) to enjoy their beautiful surroundings.

当人们谈论他们最喜欢的季节, many will tell you that spring is the time that they enjoy the most as their gardens come alive, 春暖花开,绿意盎然.  

Sky Flower (Duranta erecta)

Sky Flower (Duranta erecta)

While spring is a glorious time in the desert landscape with winter blooms overlapping with spring flowering plants along with cactus flowers – it isn’t the only ‘spring’ that the desert experiences.


Fall is often referred to as the “second spring” in the desert southwest as plants take on a refreshed appearance due to the cooler temperatures with many still producing flowers.  Many birds, butterflies and other wildlife reappear during the daytime hours in autumn.

Desert residents often find themselves making excuses to spend more time outdoors whether it’s taking a longer walk or bringing their laptop outdoors where they can enjoy the comfortable temperatures and surrounding beauty of the landscape.


Fall is also a time where we take a look around our own garden setting and decide to make some changes whether it is taking out thirsty, 用吸引人的旧植物取代它们, drought tolerant plants or creating an outdoor room by expanding a patio or perhaps adding a pergola.

火焰刺五加(Anisacanthus quadriidus v. wrightii)

火焰刺五加(Anisacanthus quadriidus v. wrightii) 

No matter what garden region you live in – fall is the best time of year to add new plants to the landscape as it provides plants with three seasons in which to grow a good root system 在明年夏天的炎热到来之前.

**考虑对你的风景做一些改变?  Click here 我最喜欢的耐旱植物在秋天开花.  

violet silverleaf (Leucophyllum candid)

At first glance, violet silverleaf (Leucophyllum candid) may look like a nice gray shrub with a smattering of purple flowers.

BUT, when you crank up the humidity and add some summer rain into the mix and it really explodes with color…

purple beauty


(Leucophyllum candid)很容易在干旱气候和不开花的时候生长, 它灰色的叶子在景观中形成了强烈的色彩对比.

Find out more about this Texas native and why you’ll want to include it in your garden in my lates plant profile for


Have you ever seen this shrub growing?  Do you have one in your landscape?

Earlier this week, we were at my mother’s house for our traditional Tuesday night dinner.  I love having one night off a week from making dinner and it is nice to hang out with my siblings and their families, who also come. However, as I entered the house, I saw my mother’s beautiful fall display on her dining room table…

beautiful fall display

It is pretty, isn’t it?

Many of the gourds she grew herself and I like how she placed bare branches in mason jars.

Now, while I was admiring her display, 我意识到我还没有为跌倒做任何准备, not to mention my garden.

So, this weekend, I will add a few bags of manure and compost to my vegetable gardens along with a sprinkling of bone and blood meal. Hopefully, I will be planting seeds and transplants soon – I promise to let you know what I plant.

In the meantime, 我会把我年幼的孩子们聚在一起,拿出betway旗舰版下载的秋季/万圣节装饰 (如果我能记得我把它们存储在哪里的话😉


Great Small Shrub for Fall: Autumn Sage

Fall is definitely in the air.  我可以站在外面,感受微风带来的一丝凉意,这是我喜欢的.

This is my favorite time of year.  One of the many reasons is that it is time to get ready to plant my fall vegetable garden.


我最喜欢种的蔬菜之一是莴苣.  能够走到花园里,剪下新鲜的枝条真是太好了, 美味的生菜叶做晚餐沙拉.

为了让我的莴苣长得更快,我把种子种在室内.  The reason is, is that lettuce seeds need temperatures below 80 degrees in order to germinate.

my fall vegetable garden

After a few weeks growing indoors, I will be able to transplant them out into my garden.

种莴苣很容易,在室内种植不需要很多原料.  我使用了我一直保存的塑料食品容器.

你为什么不和我一起种你自己的莴苣呢?  You don’t have to have a vegetable plot.  生菜在容器里,甚至在容器里都能生长得很好 recyclable grocery bag.

my fall vegetable garden

Fall vegetable garden

关于如何开始在室内种植生菜种子,请查看我最新的《betway旗舰版下载》 & Blooms blog post – “在回收容器中种植自己的生菜”.


My favorite season is fall.  What do I love about fall, you may ask?

It’s not the colorful leaves….








我非常喜欢参观有可爱的秋叶的地方, 但我不把秋天和树叶的颜色betway旗舰版下载起来.

My favorite season

Fall signifies for me, the beginning of holidays AND cooler weather after a hot summer.

This year, we are hosting the entire family’s Halloween celebration at our house because we have the best neighborhood for trick-or-treating.

I have been hand-making some new Halloween decorations – some of which have turned out pretty good.


I’m not sure how they will turn out….but it will be fun to try.  I promise I’ll share our results 🙂