flame acanthus (Anisacanthus quadrifidus var. wrightii)

Do you like colorful flowers and hummingbirds?   If so, you may want to consider adding flame acanthus (Anisacanthus quadrifidus var. wrightii)  to your garden.



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What does your garden look like in early spring? Does it somewhat boring? 通过增加一些与水有关的开花植物来为你的花园增添一些色彩和乐趣怎么样?

这周,我有一个有趣的项目——和我合作 Monrovia我被要求为景观选择两种类型的水生植物. 所以,我带着从不同的水源中挑选的任务前往当地的托儿所 Monrovia plants available.

Once I arrived at the nursery, 我面临着许多不同的蒙罗维亚多肉植物选择, cacti, shrubs and perennials. After a some time going back and forth, I narrowed my choices down to these two water-wise, flowering beauties.

Parry's penstemon (Penstemon parryi)

Parry’s penstemon (Penstemon parryi) has long been a favorite perennial of mine. 我喜欢它提供的“村舍花园”的外观,粉红色的穗状花序出现在冬末和春天.

 different water-wise Monrovia plants

它在景观中用途广泛,可以用于野花花园, planted in a perennial bed or simply placed next to a boulder.

My next plant choice was a flowering succulent. 

Blue Elf aloe (Aloe 'Blue Elf')

Blue Elf aloe (Aloe ‘Blue Elf’) is a newer aloe species that is perfect for small spaces. 它在炎热的环境下生长,在反射的热量下开花,在冬末开花,一直到春天.  

different water-wise Monrovia plants

我在最近的景观设计中经常使用这种小芦荟(如上图),包括在狭窄的种植床中, in entries and also in pots.

Both of these flowering plants are water-wise choices and perfect for the drought tolerant garden.  

different water-wise Monrovia plants

I loaded my new Monrovia plants up and started home.

different water-wise Monrovia plants

On the drive home, 我可以从我的后视镜里看到我的新植物的花朵,我迫不及待地想在我的花园里为它们找到新的家.

different water-wise Monrovia plants

我在花园里为我的新帕里的penstemon研究了几个可能的位置, but decided on planting it next to a boulder. 像这样的植物在巨石旁看起来很棒,它们不同的纹理提供了巨大的对比.

Blue Elf aloe

我不需要在不同的地方尝试我的新蓝精灵芦荟——我知道我想把它放在前门的一个容器里. This area gets blasted with hot, afternoon sun, which this pretty little aloe can handle with no problem.

在劳氏的园艺中心以及许多当地的苗圃都可以找到蒙罗维亚的植物, which is where I found mine.  You can also order Monrovia plants online.  他们的植物质量很好,你唯一的问题就是从大量的品种中选择.  

*This post is sponsored by Monrovia, but my plant choices and opinions are my own.  Visit their website for more water-wise plant choices for your drought tolerant garden.